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The Scottish Guild of Removers Code of Practice

Scottish Guild of Removers have and adhere to a strict code of practice that all new and existing members must follow and implement within all day to day business practices.  Our code of practice exists to ensure consumer protection and transparency for all parties.

“SG” means The Scottish Guild of Removers

“RIOS” means Removals Industry Ombudsman Scheme

“Member” means Member of both The Scottish Guild Of Removers and The Removals Industry Ombudsman Scheme


The Member agrees to ensure that claims they make verbally, in writing, in advertisements or in marketing material are honest and accurate.


The Member agrees to give any RIOS Inspector access to its premises and/or paperwork once a year to enable the inspector to assess its suitability for continued Membership.


The Member undertakes to notify SG immediately by Royal Mail Special Delivery letter if it is sold, changes hands, or if there is any change in its circumstances that may affect its Membership status.  If the Member is sold or changes hands it will advise the new owners by Royal Mail Special Delivery letter (with a copy also sent to SG by Royal Mail Special Delivery letter), that they cannot continue to use the SG name or logo nor the RIOS name or logo in advertisements, marketing materials on vehicles, stationery or in any other way unless they have the written permission of SG to do so.


The Member agrees to deal with complaints rapidly and courteously.  When matters are referred to RIOS the Member agrees to give all assistance to and provide any information or documentation required by the Ombudsman to help resolve the matter.  In any case the Member undertakes to reply in writing to all correspondence concerning complaints, be it from the client or the Ombudsman, within ten working days.

The Member further accepts that where their client refers any matter to RIOS that they will abide by any award made by the Ombudsman and that if they fail to do so their membership of both SG and Removals Industry Ombudsman Scheme will be terminated.


Wherever there is sufficient time between viewing and carrying out the removal the Member agrees to provide written estimates or quotations for all work.  The Member further agrees to ensure that all such estimates or quotations incorporate the Member’s terms and conditions of business and that, wherever possible, prior to work taking place they are in receipt of an acceptance copy signed and/or emailed by the client.


The Member agrees to provide to any RIOS accredited inspector with documentary proof, and allow independent verification from its insurance broker(s), that The Member has insurance in place relevant to the removals and storage process, namely:- goods in transit, goods in storage, vehicle (fleet) and public and employee liability.


The Member agrees to assist any of its clients by rapidly forwarding to them, insurers, or any other party materially involved in a claim, documents that will enable any insurance claim which the customer is entitled to make under The Member’s terms & conditions to be processed.


The Member agrees:-

  1. Only persons having adequate knowledge and experience will supervise removals.
  2. Surveyors, drivers, packers and porters are trained to a good commercial standard.
  3. Their work practices meet all applicable Health & Safety legislation.

SPOT CHECKS            

The Member agrees that wherever possible a RIOS accredited inspector will be given access to the Member’s premises and facilities for spot checks


i.  The Member undertakes to ensure that their storage facility and/or the one(s) they subcontract it to is weatherproof, clean and secure.

ii The Member agrees to supply clients with a detailed inventory of goods, to include notes of any markings or damage, which are going into store. A duplicated signed copy of such inventory is to be retained by the Member.


The Member agrees to forward a copy of its terms & conditions with quotation documents.

The Member agrees to ensure its terms and conditions are fair and reasonable and comply at all times with statutory or other regulatory requirements and the requirements of and  Removals Industry Ombudsman Scheme



i The Member agrees only to undertake work where it has the expertise and equipment to carry out the contract efficiently and safely.

ii The Member undertakes to ensure that all equipment is maintained to the highest standards and meets legal requirements.

iii The Member agrees that its staff shall wear a uniform or have a visible ID so that customers will be able to identify its staff as being employed by the Member.


  1. The Member agrees to ensure that all vehicles meet the Department of Transport’s regulations, and the interiors kept clean.
  2. The Member agrees to ensure that all vehicles used on removal work are suitable for that purpose.
  • The Member agrees to annually provide details to a RIOS accredited inspector, where applicable, of the holder of its Department Of Transport Heavy goods vehicle operators licence and of The Certificate of Professional Competence that enables such vehicles to operate within the law.
Scottish Guild of Removers Code of Practice