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Scottish Guild of Removers

Founded 2004

Based in Scotland

Removals Ombudsman Scheme Award

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Scottish Guild of Remover Membership Benefits

Starting Today Build A Better Future For Your Business

Being a Scottish Guild member is a superb, affordable and cost effective opportunity to impact positively on your home market.  With the reliable help and advice available to members from industry and business experts within the Scottish Guild of Removers you should be able to spend more time on the operational side of your company.

For a short period of time Sottish Guild of Removers Membership comes with a raft of benefits which are included in the membership fee,  Membership has never been better value for money.

In fact there are so many Membership benefits available to Scottish Guild Member’s that there is now a free 28 page A4 brochure in which are detailed more than 20 separate products or service and most are included in the membership fee, here are a few examples;-

  • An App with built in Augmented Reality features branded to your business
  • The “Choosing A Remover” video branded to your business and that you may upload to your website.
  • Listing on The Scottish Guild website with no charge for any removal leads the website may generate in your area.
  • Access to legal advice.
  • Terms & Conditions.
  • In an unregulated industry your Membership of The Removals Industry Ombudsman should be a fabulous sales aid.
  • Membership of The National Removals Network – a one stop shop for almost anything a removal business needs.
  • Sales training

To order your free Membership Benefits Brochure or talk with a Scottish Guild membership advisor and find out more about The Scottish Guild of Removers please email call tel: 0333 234 2745

Please note that membership will be limited to removal businesses that meet the stringent membership criteria required by both The Scottish Guild of Removers and The Removal Industry Ombudsman Scheme.