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Scottish Guild of Removers

Founded 2004

Based in Scotland

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Being a Scottish Guild member is a superb, affordable and cost effective opportunity to make your business more profitable, it’s as simple as that!

For a short period of time Membership comes with a raft of benefits which are included in the membership fee, Membership has never been better value for money.

In fact there are so many Membership benefits available to Scottish Guild members that there is now a free A4 brochure in which each of 20 pages details a separate product or service and most are included in the membership fee, here are a few examples;-

  • An App with built in Augmented Reality features branded to your business
  • The “Choosing A Remover” video branded to your business and that you may upload to your website.
  • Listing on The Scottish Guild website with no charge for any removal leads the website may generate in your area.
  • Access to legal advice.
  • Terms & Conditions.
  • In an unregulated industry your Membership of The Removals Industry Ombudsman should be a fabulous sales aid.
  • Membership of The National Removals Network – a one stop shop for almost anything a removal business needs.
  • Sales training

To order your free Membership Benefits Brochure or talk with a Scottish Guild membership advisor and find out more about the Scottish Guild please email info@???or call 017???

How Membership of The Scottish Guild could help you sell more removals at commercial prices

If you are to win more jobs at reasonable commercial prices then potential customers, who often don’t know you, need to believe they can nevertheless trust you with the safe and timely transport of their treasured possessions. Regrettably our industry doesn’t have the best of reputations so that’s a big ask.

It therefore follows that building your business goes hand in hand with building trust with potential customers. The question is how to do that and the answer is straightforward,  it’s a combination of Presentation and Consumer Protection both of which come with Scottish Guild Membership.

In the removals industry which is not regulated by law what could be more persuasive in terms of consumer protection than you offering potential customers a service that is covered by The Removals Industry Ombudsman Scheme. In short you can win jobs by telling potential customers the industry is unregulated but you voluntarily subscribe to The Removals Industry Ombudsman Scheme. That means your business must pass inspections by The Ombudsman’s accredited inspectors, and it’s bound by The Ombudsman’s rules and code of practice.

As for presentation Scottish Guild Membership includes unique, high quality sales aids such branded to your business which are detailed in the free brochure.  And as the old saying goes quality always sells.

Virtually every person that sells removals tells potential clients the same things about what great service they offer. Therefore to win more jobs your business needs to stand out from the competition and for all the right reasons. This is why presentation is so important and that’s why The Scottish Guild has invested substantial sums in developing a wide range of unique and memorable presentational products that help sell removals.

Another unique selling point for Scottish Guild Members is in the name. It is the one and only established removals trade association branded to Scotland and Membership is only available to Scottish based removals businesses.

A Scottish Guild for Scotland based removal businesses – a great idea

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