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Based in Scotland

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Who Are we?

Edinburgh Self Store are the number #1 self storage company in Edinburgh.  As fully accredited members of the NGRS, Edinburgh Self Store comply with the very latest codes of practice and expectations that are met annually with flying colours.  They are well-known for being Edinburgh’s most central self storage facility for businesses, personal customers, and even students. At the heart of the service provided by the best self storage company in Edinburgh is attention to detail and a customer-centric approach.  For more information about their dedicated storage services, you can reach the professional team on 0131 549 9511.

  • Personal storage.
  • Business storage.
  • Student storage.
  • Temporary storage.
  • Furniture storage.
  • Traditional storage
  • Storage facilities.
  • Relocation services.
  • And much more.

Trusted Personal Storage

Many local customers that use Edinburgh Self Store are personal customers or students that are generally looking for a safe space to store personal belongings and possessions for between 6-12 months.  Whether you are going travelling for a period of time, decluttering or want to look after valuable goods during home improvement activities, Edinburgh Self Store have the perfect storage solutions at affordable prices.  Storage facilities are in the heart of Edinburgh and are therefore ideal for personal customers that still need access to their belongings or possessions.  In fact, you have 24/7 access and will be given a unique PIN entry code to access your household and personal items.

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Trusted Business Storage

Looking for trusted business storage facilities?  Edinburgh Self Store has got you covered.  Whether you’re seeking storage for trades, office self storage or even containers for hire, Edinburgh Self Store have a wide range of business storage facilities to meet your bespoke requirements.  All types of business machinery, equipment and tools can be safely stored in dedicated business units at a size of your choice meaning that you’ll never have to pay for more than what you actually need.  You’ll have direct access to your very own walk-in archive 24/7 and the solutions are fantastic if you’re looking for easy business expansion.  The great thing about Edinburgh Self Storage is that they offer highly flexible storage solutions so whether you require storage for four weeks only or for months on end, there is a solution that suits you well.

Storage Sizes & Prices

Edinburgh Self Store have a wide range of storage sizes and prices for you to select from.  Storage containers are available for hire or purchase depending on your requirements.  For a typical 20-foot storage container, customers are looking at around £48 plus VAT per week. Edinburgh Self Store also provides special offers for new customers.  For example, customers can get up to 25% off storage for the first four weeks.  A truly credible company with a 5-star reputation, Edinburgh Self Store is the best self store company near you.

Why Edinburgh Self Store?

Edinburgh Self Store is your local and reliable self storage company that provides an unrivalled service.  As a 5-star company, they have decades of industry experience and are always looking to provide the best price possible for both personal and business customers alike.

T: 0131 549 9511
A: 357 Gorgie Road, Gorgie, Edinburgh EH11 2RP
W: https://edinburghselfstore.com/