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Over time we all accumulate stuff we don’t use any more, I call it “just in case gear”.  We tend to keep it because one day we think that we may have need it for although its sat unlooked at, unused, unloved and maybe not even remembered for most if not all of the years that you’ve lived at your current address. That natural tendency doesn’t make you a hoarder.

Now that you’re moving it’s a great time to evaluate what to take with you. The polite word for this process is de-cluttering but in old money we called it disposing of junk.

Hanging onto redundant items has a monetary cost to you because removals are priced on a combination of volume, manpower and weight: so the more you move the higher the charge.

De-cluttering can also make you a little richer as what you no longer have a use for maybe exactly what someone else wants and with eBay and other similar sites it’s usually easy to find a buyer.

De-cluttering can also do a bit of good. Charity shops thrive on freebies from home movers and some will also collect free of charge. It’s a nice feeling helping those good causes.

A final option is to take to the tip what has minimal value be it cash or sentimental and you will be doing your bit to help save the planet by recycling your un-wanted possessions.

Should you need help transporting items headed for the tip consider asking your nearest Scottish Guild of Removers for help and support. They may have a waste disposal license or they will almost always know of a local company that has.

The time to be brave has arrived, bite the bullet and however reluctant you feel right now about getting rid, just do it. You know it makes sense!

4 steps to help you de-clutter

Step 1 – Remove Excess items with keep

The Easiest way to decide on the items that you wish to go into storage is by making a pile of items that simply don’t add value to your life and items that you no longer use anymore.  The easiest way to sift through your belongings and work this out is by making four piles that include;

  • Items you use every day.
  • Items you use every week.
  • Belongings used once a year.
  • Belongings you don’t need.

Step 2 – Consider Storage Solutions
It is also worth considering storage solutions for your possessions, especially those items that are used infrequently.

Step 3 – Start Early

In our experience it is never to early to start the declutter process.  Giving yourself time to do this will help in not taking those possessions to your new home and thereby increasing your removal and storage costs.

Step 4 – Get Clean
Once you have decluttered your home, it’s also advisable to give the properly a thorough deep clean.  This is highly advisable to do just before potential buyers visit your property.  This is the perfect time to get out the feather duster. You’ll feel much better when you’re surrounded by clean, fresh air than dust and dirt

Enjoy your new home.

The Guild Guru

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